Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Year

Yes, I know it's the end of August and know technically, it's not the NEW YEAR, but for me, as a teacher, it is...this is almost the end of a long first week back. Gwen, my 5 year old, began kindergarten...she had a fabulous 1st day and has had even more fabulous subsequent days. She loves school and loves her teacher. She has even made fast friends with the girls who sit at her table with her during the day. I'm so proud of her and knew she would love school.
I have begun the year chaos-full. Kids weren't where they were supposed to be, kids were missing, kids were everywhere! At one point, I had 58 kiddos in my have to laugh at that because if you didn't you'd cry! It was all adjusted and life will continue but it got me that I have a kid IN SCHOOL, I see these faces differently. School can be hard, new schools and bigger schools can be an are confused and scared and are energetic and funny and talkative. I'm all those things. I am still nervous as they file in my room each day. I'm still confused, alot and often don't know what to do next.
I feel empathy, sympathy. I understand where they are coming from. And as if that weren't enough, I have 2 kids in my class with whom I went to high school with their moms!!!! Am I old enough to have a 10/11 year old? Yep! Yikes! But they are sweet and wonderful.
Ask me how sweet and wonderful these kids are in 2 months, I might tell you differently...but for now, my students this year are excited and ready to learn and create...and so am I.