Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been busy...

So tonite, my mom is over while Seth is on his man date with KJ's husband, Aaron...and Gwen's playing like Manny (my mom) is the famous, the amazing, the wonderful, Ms.Kathy...anyway, she luggs in 7 babies (Shrek, FiFi, Wilma, 2 actual babydolls, Cow and another baby Wilma) saying that she's dropping them off, here's the interaction between she and my mom:
Manny: Good morning! How are you?
Gwen: Fine, I'm running late so the babies need breakfast
Manny: OK, man you sure have alot of babies
Gwen: yeah, I've been busy
Manny: (thru laughs) I bet! (mom looks at me and we're both laughing so hard)
Gwen: I had 7 babies in my tummy...ok, well, gotta go
Manny: Have a good day!

FUNNY! I've been busy...all I have to say is that better be the ONLY time she says something like that until she's 3o and married...done...parenting lesson for the evening:)