Monday, June 30, 2008

The zoo

3 of my girlfriends and I went to the zoo and lunch today...between the 4 of us, there are 6 can see below the pictures of us...quite a group!

Payton (4 1/2 months), Dylan (10 1/2 months), Dominick (3 1/2), Gwen (same), Graelyn (11 months), Landon (10 months)

Gwen and Dominick go to Ms. Kathy's you can see...they are BIG buds:)

Riding the train at the zoo...Dominick has just returned from Disneyworld complete with the Mickey tatoo...someday I'm sure he'll have Gwen's name below Mickey's head:)

Takin' a ride on the stagecoach complete with fruit snacks.

Everybody was kung-foo fightin'

OK, so then, as we're leaving the "Texas" area we run into none other than The Margs! (and her parents of course!) How lucky were we!!! It was not only exciting to see this sweet girl but it was even more exciting to introduce "blog buddies" as I like to call friend Kim (see KJ) stalks, I mean reads my friend Rebekah's sister Sarah's blog (see favorites for all)...actually Sarah's my friend too...just for was super fun to introduce these blog we'll have to do a McDonald's trip for sure! (no Chickfila because, if you're keeping up, the Margs is allergic to peanuts...stupid Chickfila...seriously).
Anyway, random fun times at the zoo!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I think she ate a smurf...

Here is a picture of Graelyn, eating the remainder of Gwenie's popcicle...she got the blue part...yum.
OK, and here is a video of Graelyn at our friends Kim and Aaron's community pool/park thing...she did this about 100 times...she'd crawl until she couldn't breathe anymore and then I'd grab her and move her to the more shallow end...she had absolutely no fear, just hit the road and crawled straight for the deep end!


OK, so last week while Seth was out of town for work, I decided to tile the kitchen. My AMAZING FRIEND HOLLY...ok, seriously, I think I owe her my next child (what? they're cute after all!) because of all the amazing, back-breaking work she did for me...she showed me how to do it all and was there with me every step of the way...she did alot of the work too, cutting and all that other grimey stuff...anyway...I don't have a before shot but let me set the scene for you: on the right when you walk in was carpet (next to the bay window). I honestly think people who put the carpet in the kitchen were smoking crack when they did that...stupid. (on a side you think smoking crack would make you do something like that? I myself have never smoked more than cloves on stage for a role in a play in college and that made me want to throw up so I guess you could just call me a "poser" because I have no idea what smoking crack could make you do...and let me add, nor do I WANT to know! OK, back to the kitchen). Anyway, so there's carpet on the right side and linoleum on the left...ugh...nasty carpet, nasty linoleum...gross!

We've had our tile for 6 months now...yep, you read that I figured it was high time to get going on that business!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Gwenie as "tile-girl" here to save the day...those are knee pads as a cape and goggles as well...goggles, or a headband depending on how you look at it.

Seth was so excited and surprised! He loves it and now, I think, is feeling a little like I "one-upped" him so he's ready to do the laundry room and the bathrooms now! YIPPEE!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Candy Ballerinas

Gwen had her first dance recital today! She did so great and was absolutely adorable...I have to mention too that she was one of the only ones actually DOING the CORRECT moves to the dance...the other girls improvised, sure, but Gwen followed directions...something this anal-retentive drama teacher (are those oxymorons?) appreciates:)

Anyway, watch the video...Gwen's the one on the far left...then, pictures:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Violet is FINALLY starting to get cute

Sorry Ben and Jenn...but your daughter is FINALLY getting cute...she sort went thru that "not so cute phase" for a while now...good to see she's taking after her momma and daddy:)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hair pic and Grae eating ravioli...

OK, so here's the "haircut" picture of Gwen's creative you can see, she left a long piece in the front, just in case she needed to braid it to make it a rat the front...I don't think she quite gets the rat tail thing because its supposed to be in the back:)

Here's the funniest picture of Graelyn I've taken in a long time! Last night we had ravioli (the real stuff not Chef Boyardi folks) and obviously she LOVED it!!! Good girl:)