Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want the snow time's too hot

This is what Gwenie says to me this afternoon when I pick her up from Ms. Kathy' in honor of Gwen's's a picture of her in the snow this past winter...and a tribute to me learning how to post a picture...yeah, yeah, it was WAAAY easier than I thought...shut up.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Chocolate donut holes

Let's just be honest...donut holes are awesome..I love them, my girls love them...wait, Gwen loves them and now...Graelyn loves them! The other morning, I stopped by our favorite donut shop (the one that this sweet Asian lady works at and always gives us free donuts...that's why we love it!) to get donuts for Gwenie and the kids at Ms. Kathy's...anyway...we're getting our donuts and the lady, as usual, hands Gwen a chocolate iced donut hole with sprinkles...score...she's totally happy! Immediately after, here comes a plastic gloved hand, shoving a chocolate iced donut hole at, wait, AT GRAELYN!!! Now, for those of you who don't keep up, Graelyn won't be 10 months old until the 27th of this month so this is a new thing for her...before I know it, the WHOLE THING is in her mouth and chocolate is drooling out of her mouth, all over her pj's and onto my shirt, that I have to wear to work no less! Needless to say, Grae at the whole thing and loved it, you could tell!
I was hoping to start off small with, perhaps, a regular donut hole but no, our friend at the donut shop knew better and skipped a few steps...well, I guess as my dear friend Sarah's husband always says, "Go heavy or go home!"

Thursday, May 15, 2008


OK, so the thing I SWORE would never happen to me happened last night...Gwen cut her own, before you think, chops and chunks of hair, be forewarned that Gwen is, after all, my daughter so it actually isn't that bad...I'll post a pic as soon as I take one:)
I was feeding Graelyn and had cut open the package of pizza rolls for dinner and left the scissors on the counter in the kitchen...moments, many moments passed and Gwen came in, walking slowly with an extremely odd look on her face...I think she was proud of herself because she was smiling. I saw what she had done (and the coif of hair on her shoulder) and my jaw dropped. I was totally shocked...she had given herself bangs...sort of side-swept bangs...not all together bad looking but DEFINITELY NOT what mommy had in mind for the summer! We have spent over a year getting her hair one length and now, we're basically back to square one...I haven't "fixed" it yet or trimmed it so its a bit more even but we did have a talk about how the only people who are allowed to cut her hair are Ms. Jodie (her hairstylist) and mommy...ugh...tears...more tears and sad faces...she knew that she, indeed had not made mommy happy. On the upside of this whole ordeal, it could have much much worse...I'm just not all that happy to be in the boat of mother's whose daughters cut their own hair...ugh...and besides, I'm growing my own bangs out so I can only imagine how horrible its going to be to grow hers out now too!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

grocery game...confusing

OK, so my friend's sister...well, she's my friend too...whatever, does this thing called the Grocery Game...and I decided to sign up for a month and try it out. It was only a dollar so I'm not throwing alot of money away to do it. Anyway, every week, you are sent a list of the bargains and good stuff at your favorite stores...mine is Kroger...not ichy like Albertson's (the produce is not good) or really expensive like Tom Thumb (although I love it and the Starbuck's in it)...good middle of the road. Anyway...I sign up and off I go...but to what? I get are supposed to buy the blue items, meaning the ones on sale and the ones that you want to "stockpile." And then there are green ones, these are free after sale and your coupons (which you have to cut every Sunday). OK, so if you're not already confused it gets better. The only things that tend to be free is crap that I don't ever need! So, I ask you, is it worth it? I just don't think so...if you have a vote, care one way or the other or have other money saving tips, please, I'm all ears...the Lindblooms love a good bargain.

Friday, May 9, 2008

noggin rocks my face off

OK, so recently we switched over to ATT Uverse instead of Dish...we are paying a little bit more but we now have more cable channels, DVR and wireless, FASTER internet...score. You would think that these things would be enough to switch, right? OK, DVR is quickly becoming my new best friend but the thing that sold it for me was the fact that the "package" we got included the kid's channel Noggin! WHOOO!!!! For those of you either without cable, Noggin or children, listen up: Noggin will change your life! I know it sounds like I sit my children (OK, just Gwen) in front of the TV all day long and do what I want...I need to clarify...this is NOT the case. There are, however, moments in my afternoon specifically (since i teach all day) where Noggin provides you precious moments to get supper ready for the evening. Anyway, I digress. Noggin ROCKS! It's amazing and I'm so thankful for it! I know it may sound silly but in the afternoons when Disney Channel tends to lean toward the Suite Life of Zach and Cody and NOT Hannah Montana (go Miley and Billy Ray...did I mention Jackson is Gwen's boyfriend? She's got good taste...the cute funny guy...LOVE THAT!) Gwen can always find a happy place with Noggin...that's all I'm stayin' thanks Moose and are officially my new best friends!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Poop...gross or funny?

OK, so my friend's sister talked on her blog about how she was trying to distract her almost 2 year old while she changed her poopy diaper...she asked like 100 questions and the one that "caught" shall we say, was, "Margs, do you want to see your poo poo?" To that, I thought, duh, who doesn't? I mean, if you don't look at your OWN poop when you are finished dropping the kids off at the pool, then there's something wrong with you...I mean, you MIGHT, MIGHT catch a glimpse of the illustrious corn...anyway, my friends will kill me for talking about all of that because its, well, gross...I have a feeling however, that their husbands are high fiving each other because they were thinking the same thing...soooo anyway...Margs does INDEED want to see her own poo (because we all do) and it falls onto her board book...a tornado of chaos ensues...need I say more?
OK Sarah, I can top, Graelyn is about 6 months old and I've just fed her green beans...yum. She poops and I change her...we're out so its kinda chaotic (the kid kind of chaotic, NOT the Britney Spears kind) and I'm not really paying as close attention as I should. I digress. I am cleaning everything up, throwing the diaper away and cleaning myself up. Oops, missed a small something on my pinky...oh well, its green beans, I'll just lick it....OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Can you guess, can you? NOT GREEN tag, y'all are ALL the grossness factor of eating your own child's poop...well, licking it at least. I bet you all want a big kiss right on the lips from me right about now, don't you???

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My "dirty" little secret

OK so last weekend some of my best friends came into town and stayed with me at my house. The week of, was, needless to say, INSANE...sooo, I called my friend Rebekah (aka partner in crime) and asked her the name of her cleaning lady. I need all of my readers (all 2 of you) to understand that I have NEVER EVER had anyone clean my house before...soo, we arranged it...Luz would come over and clean my house on Friday morning...sweet! The girls were coming in Friday afternoon...leave the key under the mat, the money on the counter and we're set! I come home to find my house immaculate! It was amazing! VERY clean indeed...sooo, I thought...yeah, I'm dead, I mean, dead husband will surely know I did not clean this good in the short amount of time I had on Thursday and Friday to do so!
The girls and I go to pick up my friend Sarah from the airport and come home to feed the girls. My husband gets home and life goes as normal...he helps me with the girls, helps with dinner, talks, laughs, etc...and now, almost exactly one week since the cleaning incident has he said ONE WORD about the house! Not even, "hey hon, the house looks great!" Or, "wow, you really cleaned well."
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I'm just waiting for him to read this now to find Seth, I'm waiting...