Sunday, May 11, 2008

grocery game...confusing

OK, so my friend's sister...well, she's my friend too...whatever, does this thing called the Grocery Game...and I decided to sign up for a month and try it out. It was only a dollar so I'm not throwing alot of money away to do it. Anyway, every week, you are sent a list of the bargains and good stuff at your favorite stores...mine is Kroger...not ichy like Albertson's (the produce is not good) or really expensive like Tom Thumb (although I love it and the Starbuck's in it)...good middle of the road. Anyway...I sign up and off I go...but to what? I get are supposed to buy the blue items, meaning the ones on sale and the ones that you want to "stockpile." And then there are green ones, these are free after sale and your coupons (which you have to cut every Sunday). OK, so if you're not already confused it gets better. The only things that tend to be free is crap that I don't ever need! So, I ask you, is it worth it? I just don't think so...if you have a vote, care one way or the other or have other money saving tips, please, I'm all ears...the Lindblooms love a good bargain.


Sarah said...

Things I've gotten free from green items: light bulbs, tuna fish, chapstick, Chex Mix, barbeque sauce. The greens are not good every week--but some weeks they are. I tell ya, Jeremy and I save 30-40% every week off of our bill. I'll give you tutorials if you need them...but it is a lot of work until you get a system down. Oh yeah, and I'm glad I'm your friend. :c)

Rebekah said...

hey---Don't be knockin the GG. It's awesome. I have gotten Chex Mix, toothpaste, soap, worschester (sp?) sauce, mustard, etc for free and then I haven't had to buy kleenex in over a year beacuase I got it for 75 cents a box and we haven't bought toothpaste in forever and and and..... It does take some getting used to but if you stick with it, you'll love it. Also, I get to try out stuff I'd never spend money on like my new Lysol Neutra Air automatic air sanitizer that just went off in my kitchen that I got for 99 cents. LOVE IT!!

Sarah Owen said...

Yea, I found your blog and I LOVE IT. I have tons to say,so here it goes. This girl who goes to our church was telling me about the grocery game and she is a kroger girl too! I think, after listening to ALL you have to do, I'm with you Ang, I think I will stick to Costco/Sams and good ol' Walmart