Thursday, May 1, 2008

My "dirty" little secret

OK so last weekend some of my best friends came into town and stayed with me at my house. The week of, was, needless to say, INSANE...sooo, I called my friend Rebekah (aka partner in crime) and asked her the name of her cleaning lady. I need all of my readers (all 2 of you) to understand that I have NEVER EVER had anyone clean my house before...soo, we arranged it...Luz would come over and clean my house on Friday morning...sweet! The girls were coming in Friday afternoon...leave the key under the mat, the money on the counter and we're set! I come home to find my house immaculate! It was amazing! VERY clean indeed...sooo, I thought...yeah, I'm dead, I mean, dead husband will surely know I did not clean this good in the short amount of time I had on Thursday and Friday to do so!
The girls and I go to pick up my friend Sarah from the airport and come home to feed the girls. My husband gets home and life goes as normal...he helps me with the girls, helps with dinner, talks, laughs, etc...and now, almost exactly one week since the cleaning incident has he said ONE WORD about the house! Not even, "hey hon, the house looks great!" Or, "wow, you really cleaned well."
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I'm just waiting for him to read this now to find Seth, I'm waiting...


Rebekah said...

And if he doesn't ever notice are you going to do it again???? Three cheers for Luz!!! :)

Sarah said...

WOW. That's a risky way to break news to your husband...but...I guess if he doesn't read your blog you've got that to hold over his head. Score. You're set.