Friday, May 23, 2008

Chocolate donut holes

Let's just be honest...donut holes are awesome..I love them, my girls love them...wait, Gwen loves them and now...Graelyn loves them! The other morning, I stopped by our favorite donut shop (the one that this sweet Asian lady works at and always gives us free donuts...that's why we love it!) to get donuts for Gwenie and the kids at Ms. Kathy's...anyway...we're getting our donuts and the lady, as usual, hands Gwen a chocolate iced donut hole with sprinkles...score...she's totally happy! Immediately after, here comes a plastic gloved hand, shoving a chocolate iced donut hole at, wait, AT GRAELYN!!! Now, for those of you who don't keep up, Graelyn won't be 10 months old until the 27th of this month so this is a new thing for her...before I know it, the WHOLE THING is in her mouth and chocolate is drooling out of her mouth, all over her pj's and onto my shirt, that I have to wear to work no less! Needless to say, Grae at the whole thing and loved it, you could tell!
I was hoping to start off small with, perhaps, a regular donut hole but no, our friend at the donut shop knew better and skipped a few steps...well, I guess as my dear friend Sarah's husband always says, "Go heavy or go home!"


Rebekah said...

Hooray for donuts!! Remember when Gwen ate them in the high chair at our house? I wish I could have seen Grae's eyes light up when she tasted it!

Sarah said...

I love donut holes. It makes you feel like you're a little "less" bad.