Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here are my 5 things...

So I challenged my friend Rebekah to 5 things we didn't know about are's not fair that I would challenge her and then NOT do them myself:
1. I'm actually NOT an only child...I have an 18 year old half brother...only found out about him 5 years ago though...yeah yeah, Jerry Springer's calling tomorrow.
2. Sometimes when I drop the girls off in the mornings at Ms. Kathy's, I actually continue listening to Veggie Tales almost the whole way to work...whether or not I realize it is a whole other story:)
3. I had a Mormon boyfriend in 5th grade...he had 8 brothers and sisters...but only one dad:)
4. If I could eat my weight in iced sugar cookies I would.
5. I wish I could live in another country for a few years so the girls could experience other cultures.

Friday, April 11, 2008

bib, panties, what's the difference

So 2 nights ago I was getting ready to feed Graelyn her baby food. Gwen wanted me to stay in the living room with her so I pulled out the bumbo and put Grae in it...I went over to the pile of laundry to get a bib...the bib velcro was stuck to a pair of my underwear so I ripped it off and went over to put the bib on Graelyn. However, rather than putting a BIB on her, I actually tried to put a pair of my PANTIES! on her!!!! Hmmm...seems sort of similar if you ask me. I was talking to my friend Kim and she made an excellent point: both catch dribble and prevent you/baby from getting soaked by whatever comes out...hmmm, sounds good to me!
On a side note...I did actually get a bib and put on her though:)

java chiller

OK, so for those fo you who like coffee(I LOVE coffee) you should try the new java chillers from Sonic...I am working on my mocha java chiller (that's a mouthful)this morning and honestly, its really good! For my OBU friends, remember the java shake things from Deem's? Well, it tastes alot like those...not as coffee-y as Starbucks frappuchinos but a cheaper alternative in a pinch for sure...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are stickers digestible?

So the other night I'm in the kitchen, getting supper ready and I have just finished feeding Graelyn...she's content in her bumbo so I let her, she wasn't on the table...she was on the floor, so she was safe, right? Well, enter big sister Gwen! Armed with a page full of stickers, she decides that Graelyn's bumbo isn't pretty enough so she puts 3, count them, 3 stickers on the bumbo. A few minutes go by, Seth comes home (which always raises the decible level in our home) and he picks up Grae...he then says, what is she eating? I say, nothing...I was about to feed her her bottle...he fishes around and comes out with nothing...I said, oh it was probably a leaf or something (he hates when I say that because it worries him). I turn to look at them and notice that there are only 2 stickers on Graelyn's bumbo...hmmm...weren't there 3 before? Yeah, Graelyn totally ate an easter chicken sticker and it didn't even come out in her poop...she's my kind of girl...

Monday, April 7, 2008

6th grade drama

Yeah, so I teach 6th grade theatre...and 5th grade actually...but that's not what I'm talking about today:) My 6th grade girls are FULL of drama...and not on the stage kind either...I prefer my "drama" to be left on the stage. The whole adage, "save the drama for your mama" is totally my mantra...well anyway...this morning some of my girls had some drama and I basically told them that they needed to keep the drama out of my classroom...that their lives weren't so difficult and stressful that they needed to bring on that much drama to their why, I ask, do 6th grade girls seem to flock to the drama automatically? I just don't remember having that kind of drama...I DO remember worrying that my bangs weren't big enough and that they wouldn't have that right "swoop" or "poof" anyway...just weird...I just wanted to tell them to go get a latte and get over it:)