Monday, April 7, 2008

6th grade drama

Yeah, so I teach 6th grade theatre...and 5th grade actually...but that's not what I'm talking about today:) My 6th grade girls are FULL of drama...and not on the stage kind either...I prefer my "drama" to be left on the stage. The whole adage, "save the drama for your mama" is totally my mantra...well anyway...this morning some of my girls had some drama and I basically told them that they needed to keep the drama out of my classroom...that their lives weren't so difficult and stressful that they needed to bring on that much drama to their why, I ask, do 6th grade girls seem to flock to the drama automatically? I just don't remember having that kind of drama...I DO remember worrying that my bangs weren't big enough and that they wouldn't have that right "swoop" or "poof" anyway...just weird...I just wanted to tell them to go get a latte and get over it:)

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Rebekah said...

They are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Some teachers would get sucked into their drama but not you! You get them to stop it and I love it!