Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't Pass Out...

I know, I'm actually posting! It's amazing really...I have a few friends who have either begun to blog again or who have been blogging and they, quite honestly, have inspired here goes.
Things have changed around my house. Everyone knows it. The girls and I have adjusted to our little life and love our routine. That being said, our little home is in need of some more TLC.
We planted flowers and plants. The girls helped. No really, they did. They did an excellent job and they flowers are precious.
I've been mowing the lawn. I do a great job of mowing, but edging and weed-eating, not so much. I'm working on it and will get better eventually.
I've also been planning on a little remodeling in the house. Last summer I completely re-did the girls' bathroom...completely=pulled down wallpaper, textured walls, painted walls, installed new light fixture and new mirror, laid tile, new shower curtain (that my mom sewed for me) sanded and painted cabinets, reinstalled toilet, installed new baseboards...whew! That being said, I'm ready for more.
Here is a list of what I'm about to tear apart, I mean, redo and make amazing!
*paint kitchen walls
*sand and paint kitchen cabinets (after that, the kitchen will basically be done!! Wait, I want to put a new top on my kitchen table...ok, that may have to wait for a bit)
*pull down wallpaper in my bathroom & texture walls
*paint bathroom walls
*paint bathroom cabinets
*tile bathroom floor
*new light fixtures & mirror in bathroom
*sand bedroom furniture & stain
*make bed linens
*paint bedroom walls

Then there is always cleaning the garage out and getting rid of all that, if you need anything, let me know, I might have it!
Oh, and I will be posting before, during and after pictures of the remodel process so stay tuned!