Friday, April 11, 2008

bib, panties, what's the difference

So 2 nights ago I was getting ready to feed Graelyn her baby food. Gwen wanted me to stay in the living room with her so I pulled out the bumbo and put Grae in it...I went over to the pile of laundry to get a bib...the bib velcro was stuck to a pair of my underwear so I ripped it off and went over to put the bib on Graelyn. However, rather than putting a BIB on her, I actually tried to put a pair of my PANTIES! on her!!!! Hmmm...seems sort of similar if you ask me. I was talking to my friend Kim and she made an excellent point: both catch dribble and prevent you/baby from getting soaked by whatever comes out...hmmm, sounds good to me!
On a side note...I did actually get a bib and put on her though:)


Julie said...

hahahahahaha! Good point. Panties...bibs...hmmm..never thought of them being alike!
Yay...welcome to the blog world.

Sarah said...

I am now adding the word "dribble" to my list of words that make me ooog-out.