Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Poop...gross or funny?

OK, so my friend's sister talked on her blog about how she was trying to distract her almost 2 year old while she changed her poopy diaper...she asked like 100 questions and the one that "caught" shall we say, was, "Margs, do you want to see your poo poo?" To that, I thought, duh, who doesn't? I mean, if you don't look at your OWN poop when you are finished dropping the kids off at the pool, then there's something wrong with you...I mean, you MIGHT, MIGHT catch a glimpse of the illustrious corn...anyway, my friends will kill me for talking about all of that because its, well, gross...I have a feeling however, that their husbands are high fiving each other because they were thinking the same thing...soooo anyway...Margs does INDEED want to see her own poo (because we all do) and it falls onto her board book...a tornado of chaos ensues...need I say more?
OK Sarah, I can top, Graelyn is about 6 months old and I've just fed her green beans...yum. She poops and I change her...we're out so its kinda chaotic (the kid kind of chaotic, NOT the Britney Spears kind) and I'm not really paying as close attention as I should. I digress. I am cleaning everything up, throwing the diaper away and cleaning myself up. Oops, missed a small something on my pinky...oh well, its green beans, I'll just lick it....OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Can you guess, can you? NOT GREEN tag, y'all are ALL the grossness factor of eating your own child's poop...well, licking it at least. I bet you all want a big kiss right on the lips from me right about now, don't you???


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness...that is so gross!! I don't think anyone can top that poop story. The only other living being that I know personally who has eaten poop is my mom and dad's dog, Hogan. He ate my dog's poop once.

Jeremy said...

Angie. . .don't be surprised if I never make eye contact with you again.

Rebekah said...

And that is why I will never eat off of your food on your plate, no matter how delicious it looks--that fork has been in the poop mouth.