Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I think she ate a smurf...

Here is a picture of Graelyn, eating the remainder of Gwenie's popcicle...she got the blue part...yum.
OK, and here is a video of Graelyn at our friends Kim and Aaron's community pool/park thing...she did this about 100 times...she'd crawl until she couldn't breathe anymore and then I'd grab her and move her to the more shallow end...she had absolutely no fear, just hit the road and crawled straight for the deep end!


Mommy of Two Wild Boys!!! said...

So....that's what happened to the smurfs. I just thought they cancelled the series. I witnessed this "NO FEAR" behavior. Ang, you are going to have your hands full:)

Vicki said...

Dear Graelyn,
You are a beautiful mermaid. Don't drink the water!! Just swim to Daddy.
I love you, Beautiful Girl.