Monday, June 30, 2008

The zoo

3 of my girlfriends and I went to the zoo and lunch today...between the 4 of us, there are 6 can see below the pictures of us...quite a group!

Payton (4 1/2 months), Dylan (10 1/2 months), Dominick (3 1/2), Gwen (same), Graelyn (11 months), Landon (10 months)

Gwen and Dominick go to Ms. Kathy's you can see...they are BIG buds:)

Riding the train at the zoo...Dominick has just returned from Disneyworld complete with the Mickey tatoo...someday I'm sure he'll have Gwen's name below Mickey's head:)

Takin' a ride on the stagecoach complete with fruit snacks.

Everybody was kung-foo fightin'

OK, so then, as we're leaving the "Texas" area we run into none other than The Margs! (and her parents of course!) How lucky were we!!! It was not only exciting to see this sweet girl but it was even more exciting to introduce "blog buddies" as I like to call friend Kim (see KJ) stalks, I mean reads my friend Rebekah's sister Sarah's blog (see favorites for all)...actually Sarah's my friend too...just for was super fun to introduce these blog we'll have to do a McDonald's trip for sure! (no Chickfila because, if you're keeping up, the Margs is allergic to peanuts...stupid Chickfila...seriously).
Anyway, random fun times at the zoo!


Sarah Owen said...

okay, the pictures are precious, I loved the karate one,seriously, way to much "inside" lingo, I did not understand any of the last bit, Me here in Arkansas, way out of the loop

pink is the new black said...

Sarah's (Rebekah's sis)daughter, Margaret(the Margs) just found out she's allergic to that's the "no Chickfila" comment and Kim (KJ) is a friend of mine who reads Sarah's blog thru mine so I just called them "blog buddies" because they had never met until Monday at the zoo...anyway, no strange things just randomness of me:) not shocking I know...oh yeah, and i have October 13 off of school...maybe we can come up that weekend??

Sarah said...

Angie...loved, loved, loved running into you at the zoo. That was way fun. Margaret and I try to go for about an hour or so each Monday. We looooove it! We were trying out the new wagon on Monday. That was pretty cool. Oh, and this Saturday is our big day to try Chick-Fil-A. We'll let everyone know how it goes.

Sarah said...

Oh, I need to mention...we rode the zoo train as well later in the day and the little boy next to use whips out a sloppy peanut butter sandwich!!! PB oozing all over the ziploc bag. My eyes were as big as saucers and I had to ask the mom to not let her son eat the sandwich right then. I did offer the boy a bag of Teddy Grahams, though just in case he was starving or something. UGH!! These are the things I have to think about now!!