Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OK, so last week while Seth was out of town for work, I decided to tile the kitchen. My AMAZING FRIEND HOLLY...ok, seriously, I think I owe her my next child (what? they're cute after all!) because of all the amazing, back-breaking work she did for me...she showed me how to do it all and was there with me every step of the way...she did alot of the work too, cutting and all that other grimey stuff...anyway...I don't have a before shot but let me set the scene for you: on the right when you walk in was carpet (next to the bay window). I honestly think people who put the carpet in the kitchen were smoking crack when they did that...stupid. (on a side note...do you think smoking crack would make you do something like that? I myself have never smoked more than cloves on stage for a role in a play in college and that made me want to throw up so I guess you could just call me a "poser" because I have no idea what smoking crack could make you do...and let me add, nor do I WANT to know! OK, back to the kitchen). Anyway, so there's carpet on the right side and linoleum on the left...ugh...nasty carpet, nasty linoleum...gross!

We've had our tile for 6 months now...yep, you read that right...so I figured it was high time to get going on that business!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Gwenie as "tile-girl" here to save the day...those are knee pads as a cape and goggles as well...goggles, or a headband depending on how you look at it.

Seth was so excited and surprised! He loves it and now, I think, is feeling a little like I "one-upped" him so he's ready to do the laundry room and the bathrooms now! YIPPEE!


Sarah Owen said...

OMG, I love it, it does look sooo good, and Gwenie is cracking me up. I love the cape. Good job Ang!!!

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

You better be careful posting stuff like this...your friends may come out of the woodwork now and want some help tiling.

I love that Gwen is a "little Cousin Eddie" in the pictures. I thought only YOU could pull off that "Christmas Vacation" movie role.... (Folks, I was there one day. Angie was in an old tee-shirt, sweats, and had goggles on her head with a saw in her hand. She really WAS the female Cousin Eddie)he he

Sarah said...

Ang...I love how Gwen must be following up behind you on your work and checking the measurements. :c) Great job!