Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been busy...

So tonite, my mom is over while Seth is on his man date with KJ's husband, Aaron...and Gwen's playing like Manny (my mom) is the famous, the amazing, the wonderful, Ms.Kathy...anyway, she luggs in 7 babies (Shrek, FiFi, Wilma, 2 actual babydolls, Cow and another baby Wilma) saying that she's dropping them off, here's the interaction between she and my mom:
Manny: Good morning! How are you?
Gwen: Fine, I'm running late so the babies need breakfast
Manny: OK, man you sure have alot of babies
Gwen: yeah, I've been busy
Manny: (thru laughs) I bet! (mom looks at me and we're both laughing so hard)
Gwen: I had 7 babies in my tummy...ok, well, gotta go
Manny: Have a good day!

FUNNY! I've been busy...all I have to say is that better be the ONLY time she says something like that until she's 3o and married...done...parenting lesson for the evening:)


Sarah said...

Precious! I am excited that baby Ross really WILL be one of those babies dropped off with Mrs. Kathy next year. :c)

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

OH MY!!! That is TOO funny! 7 babies...poor girl must be exhausted! : )

BTW--it's a TOTAL geek-fest goin' on with the boys. From the conversation that they had during dinner, I almost fell asleep and it was only 6:30 p.m. Now they are upstairs playing a super nerdy Star Wards game. At least they have each other....

Mommy of Two Wild Boys!!! said...

......That is why I have boys!!!!! My heart can not handle it. You know our little saying Ang...I only have to worry about one, and you my friend have to worry about them all:) Tell Gwen she can not have 7....that would take up all the available spaces!!!Love ya:)

pink is the new black said...

OK, so yeah, I totally know about having to worry about "too many of those"...but yeah, I just laughed when she said it! by the way Sarah, we're super excited that Ross will be a Ms.Kathy kid!
Hey, we should maybe think about carpooling or something...Gwen is going to go to TCC in the fall...maybe we could work something out:)
KJ...Seth said that Aaron is the king of "pausing the movie" he was laughing

aArOn said...

Sorry to impose, but my wife is ballet teacher and is trying to find out where to get that candy ballerinas song that you posted about last June (which I found through a google search). If there is anyway you could let me know or find out from your ballet teacher last year that would be amazing. You can contact me at (remove the spaces):
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Kathryn Aylor said...

Yay Ang! So glad you are back in the blogging world....time flies and I too neglect the world wide web. Better than neglecting my kids I suppose. :) Can't wait til Friday!!!

Vicki said...

That Gwen is something else!

Mommy of Two Wild Boys!!! said...