Monday, March 2, 2009


Yeah yeah yeah, this is a family blog...I get it...and I also get that I'm posting about the Bachelor I just watched...what a crock is all I have to say about that...Jason picks Melissa (so good) and then on "after the rose" he takes that back and picks Molly...AND SHE ACCEPTS! OK, Molly, seriously???? He just dumped one girl and wants you...doesn't that sound shady to you? Don't you question him? Don't you think that maybe, for just one stinkin' second that he'll do the EXACT same thing to you? Give me a freaking break...I watched all season long for this? An indecisive single dad? Man, THAT'S a new story...yeah, you should have stayed single Jason, because dude, you seriously have some issues...I'm just sayin'

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Sarah said...

I am not a Bachelor watcher (but I know Bek watched the finale last night, too)...but this seems to be what everyone was talking about at I guess I missed out. Last night I was watching the Euchanuba (sp?) National Dog Competition--specifically the Terrier Breed. The commentators sure do like to say Bitch a lot. :c)
BTW, if you've never seen Best In Show, it's tooootally worth your time. Funny Christopher Guest movie!