Friday, March 20, 2009

OK, so Seth is basically a movie star just not quite...

So I'm sitting here watching Ellen (she and I would be SUCH good friends by the way) and Paul Rudd is on...I guess he's like super popular right now...I've loved him since he was on Friends as Phoebe's future hubby...but I digress...anyway, he's so cute and funny and I kinda have a little crush on I do with Colin Firth (seriously cute and fun in Mamma Mia, Bridget Jones, etc...) and I realized...not only is Paul Rudd cute like Coline Firth...he's CUTE AND FUNNY, DARK HAIRED, SILLY...LIKE SETH!!!! So basically, it all goes back to the fact that I have a huge crush on my husband I'd think my celebrity crushes would be DIFFERENT than my own man...but its settled folks, Ang has a type and is pretty much sticking to it.

PS, here's an example of DIFFERENT super amazing friend KJ's husband is tall, thin, khaki pants, kinda guy...he and Seth are good friends, but let's face it they get nerdy when they quiz each other on their Star Wars knowledge and electronical talk, but KJ's celebrity crush is Jon Bon Jovi...yeah, TOTALLY different.

Anyway...peace out!


The Robertson Family said...

OMG, do you know how much I love, love, love Paul Rudd??? I have the biggest crush on him. Rob is very aware of this. We just watched "Role Models" and I just sighed the whole time because he was so stinkin' cute. And YES, Colin Firth is ALSO a huge crush of mine. And if you like both of them, maybe you like Clive Owen as well? Because he is my third major celebrity crush. Of course, Clive Owen is a little bit darker than those two and doesn't quite fit the same mold, but he's dreamy.

Oh, but just to be clear, I'm not saying I have a crush on Seth. Not that there's anything wrong with Seth. But I didn't want you thinking that by me saying that I have all the same crushes as you that means I have a crush on your husband, too...ok, just had to clear that up....i'll stop jabbering now...

Sarah said...

Do y'all get Entertainment Weekly? He's on the cover this week--Paul, not Seth--and the article about him would make you want to be his girlfriend even more.
And Angie, I can totally read between the lines and see what you're trying to say: You have a crush on Jeremy. That's okay, girl! I know you don't get to see him very much, so I'll post a picture of him on my blog for you. :c)

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Let me just add that I do LOVE my JBJ but these cuties also make the cut:

1. Nick Lachey
2. Matthew "never has a shirt on but who freakin' cares b/c he is so hot and doesn't need one" McConaughey
3. Bradley Cooper
4. Josh Lucas
5. Raymar Morgan (my cutie little basketball player from Michigan State University)
6. I'm with you on the Colin Firth thing
7. The guy that used to be the lawyer/fiance of Kelly on the old 90210 (random, I know)
8. Chevy Chase (Okay, he's old....I get it. But, he is so funny that it just makes him so stinkin' cute in a dorky old man, losin' his hair kind of a way)