Saturday, October 25, 2008

my little abercrombie models & a little nkotb

OK, so I'm combining posts because of...well, several things: 1. Gwen and Daddy are having bath time (and Graelyn's asleep); 2. I can no longer look at my blog at work...I know, I almost cried; 3. I have limited amount of time before someone will holler my name and I'll have 1000 things to do all over again!
OK, so here is a picture of the girls today as we went to the punkin patch! Fun me, they look a little like the abercrombie pictures we used to take at OBU...think Grand Canyon girls...reality is that Gwen had NO intentions of staying still with all the bounce houses and Graelyn was just chillin' as usual.

Sooo, the other thing...last Sunday night 3 of my friends and I (all 3 of these friends are from 3 different stages of my life and have become "blog" friends and now real was AWESOME to go with them) went to see New Kids on the heard right...the tickets were free and AMAZING! Even better, the show rocked and I've now become a fan all over again...the show really was great, they are older but so are was great...we laughed (because this lady in front of us had the old school jacket from the late 80's, no lie, read KJ's blog about it...and the lady, not KJ was CRAZY!) we sang and we was a hoot.
Here are some pictures:

And finally, here's a video of them, I'm a fan and YES I would have purchased a t-shirt and worn it proudly but let's face it $45 is a heck of a lot of money to pay for a t-shirt...unless it's the cutest t-shirt you've ever seen and it makes you look like you've lost 15 pounds...I'd pay $50 for that kind of t-shirt...


Rebekah said...

OK, I never took the Abercrombie pics in college but I totally remember you guys talking about them! And Gwen looks sooo like you in that pic!

Great pics of our bonding experience at NKOTB. I wish we could have taken an "after" pic the next morning with us all looking red-eyed and with confused faces because we still couldn't hear anything clearly.

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Yeah, just to be egocentric, I HATE that pic of me at the concert--I look pregnant! And no, ladies, I am not (although I would be happy to be!)

On a non-egocentric note, the girls are adorable, per usual. : )

pink is the new black said...

ok, KJ, you do NOT look pregnant and Bek, you SHOULD have been in the abercrombie pictures...damnit! Such a good time...actually, instead of the pictures, you should have just done a recording of me being NOT NICE to my kids at school because I was so tired:)