Monday, October 5, 2009

Just a celebrity fix here...

OK, I admit, I should be typing something more, how my 5K run went this weekend or how, as I was listening to U2's new CD while running the other morning I had church, serious, meaningful church, but I'm not going to do that...I'll save that for later or just save if for my friends below BFF Chris or Kairo's Corner...they're really good at it anyway so I'll just leave it to them perhaps:) Anyway, here's what I found and what I think...enjoy my 3 faithful readers!!!
Someone PLEASE give Suri a clip or SOMETHING to hold her hair back out of her freakin' face! That's all I see...her hair in her face...ugh, seriously people...they have more money than Jesus and yet, there she is, barefoot and straggly hair...I can live with the barefeet because my girls are more often than not too...I'm ok with that...but NOT NOT NOT the hair in the face!!!!
I just love Kate...she's so beautiful...if I weren't married, maybe I'd date her...but she's married too and I actually like Seth...I'll stay put...for now:)
Don't you just love this family? I really want to be their friend...and I think we'd be really good friends too...her girls are super fun and so are mine...why couldn't we be friends? I'm not creepy, I promise! Just sayin'


Bob Phelps said...

Hey, Ang,
Great to hear from you. Glad to know you're well and busy. We are adjusting to life in Florida. Hey, somebody's got to live at the beach. Blake lives in Chicago now. Kyle is here in Florida with us.
Glad we can stay in touch.

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

I want to be Jennifer G's friend too. She seems like such a good, down to earth mom. You really could be her friend, since, you know--her girls wear clips and pony tails. : )