Friday, January 8, 2010


So, we're cutting calories around our house and working hard to feel better and get in shape...I found several recipes that are low cal and so far, have tasted EXCELLENT! I'm posting 2 that I've tried...I'll post more later when I try the rest...I tweeked a few and have made notes accordingly:) I hope you enjoy!

Soft Chicken Tacos: (I put all the ingredients together and then "grilled" them in a pan...warming up all the ingredients and making the corn tortilla slightly crispy...yum! I also did NOT put sour cream on mine but I don't like sour cream...we used homemade guacamole:)

Mozerella Chicken Sandwiches: (I didn't put the tomatoes on the sandwich...but they would have been good I'm sure...this is Seth's new favorite sandwich he says!)

Those are the only ones I've tried so far...I'll post more as I make more!

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