Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back on...I hope:)

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything and I can say that I don't necessarily have anything life-altering to say, except that...people are the gym, people are funny. They wear stuff they shouldn't, they look at people who are really really in great shape, they look at people who are in really really awful shape...honestly, I'm kinda stuck in the middle...I'm working on being the one who is in fantastic shape, but I'm not there yet. Here are some of my favorite/most hated moments at the gym lately:
1.speedo guy coming out of the steam room...yikes
2.giggling girls "trying" to lift weights (these girls deserved a punch in the face)
3.super slow movers on the stairclimber...does this really do any good at all?
4.loud talker by the weights (this is the guy who wants to be everyone's friend and make sure we all know how much he knows about lifting...awesome)
5.rocker (this is the dude who has such GREAT music on his ipod that he has to stop lifting to bang his head a little)
6.super extremely in shape girl who is so cute that everyone LITERALLY everyone watches her work and walk (she's so in shape it hurts my feelings...but I know she's probably at the gym like 3 hours a day and I just can't do that)

So there you are, my "not quite top 10"

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