Monday, July 28, 2008

Graelyn's Luau

Well...Saturday my baby girl turned one and had a bang up party! We officially had 20 adults and 10 kids in my little house! It was a blast and everyone seemed to have a good time...we have tons of food left over and TONS more cake! I'll revise my post once I get the pictures of the cake from my mom...she was in charge of taking pictures of that since I was busy doing stuff:)
Anyway, here's my should check out Sarah's recap though because it was way funny and honestly, very true...some of my comments will reference her's so be sure to check her blog out for sure!
My observations/experiences:
1. Graelyn didn't go crazy into the cake...this is how insane she got:

2. My husband Seth is a FANTASTIC daddy to our girls and loves them so, he makes mean burgers and dogs if I do say so myself...good job Seth on the grillin' my man! Oh yeah, and in this pic, he looks like he's saying "do what?" Which is totally a Texas phrase so he's for SURE not saying it:) (For those of you not from the South, "du wut" as its pronounced is another term for "pardon" (which we are teaching Gwen to say instead of huh?)).

3. Graelyn got really really cool gifts...some of which Gwen is wanting to steal but we're working on sharing and understanding that sister has her own toys now too:)
4. I have really really wonderful friends and step mother in law Nancy commented on how sweet y'all all were and what great friends Seth and I have...well said Nancy...I agree...y'all rock!
5. Jenny was SUPER cute in her orange dress...she's always been so freakin' cute and sassy, love it and her "scrunched" hair! VERY CUTE! Good job dressing your boys too...oh yeah and Rob was super helpful with being my guinea pig...I didn't have utensils for the burgers, dogs or tomatoes and he helped me out with that...what a helper!
6. Sarah and Jeremy (and of course the Margs with her CUTIE bathing suit)should have stayed was sort of like a vacation at our house anyway because we had water, food, drinks and fun...I mean, it was like a resort...sort of! But this family is way funny and Jeremy and I have promised to dig up "Spring Affair" pictures of when we acted together at OBU...this should be good.
7. Kim and Aaron can talk to anyone...Kim always is funny and cute and fun and Aaron can talk to anyone about anything! He and Rob were chatting with each other about Michigan/Notre Dame/Ohio State (I think that was it...probably more) football and seemed like old friends. Landon of course, was cute and even got a little lovin' from my grandmother, MawMaw!!! He's so lucky because she's amazing! However, on a side note, she had to have an "adjustment" from the chiropracter today because of lifting heavy objects but other than that, she's fine...just kidding are precious.
8. Rebekah and Chris walked in with Jamba Juice ONLY for may not have anyone else jealous but you did me...I drank those things like Jenny drinks wine when I was pregnant with Graelyn...good stuff! Luke and Isaac had their own party going on outside on the slip'n'slide and pool...way fun...and they "ordered a hot dog" from daddy about 5 times and finally got one:) Mary is going to indeed be the singer in the family...and the stylish one with her it!
9. Abby, Kelly and Ms. Kathy are 3 generations whose genes run deep...they all are beautiful and all look alike...I love it...Abby has the prettiest pouty out Andy, you're in trouble! PS. Kelly is my bow business partner...our site is almost done so I'll let you know when to go on an start ordering!
10. Holly and Ricky and Payton are all just too in shape...they are so sweet though and Payton is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Plus, they brought chalk!!!! YES! Gwen was TOO excited!!!!!
11. My mom is always so freakin' cute and no less so today...yes, folks, she had on skinny jeans...I won't tell you how old she is because she looks at least 10 years younger than that...but she's smokin' hot is all I have to say...she's the best mom ever and loves her girls (Gwen and Grae) so much!!! I have to say, Manny (That's what the girls call her) won with the gift though, Graelyn LOVED her baby doll and stroller! And the stroller is hot pink and black, 2 of my favorite colors!
Girls, I honestly think we need to get together just girls, soon! I know that Jennifer and Sarah are about to have to go back to work soon and I'll follow not too long after that so I'm thinking that we need to set a date now so we'll actually do it...we could just meet for drinks one night, like a Friday or Saturday night after the kids are down so the hubbies can't complain too much...and then make it a monthly thing! Let me know your thoughts!!!
Also, on a side note...if you are wondering what you are going to dress up for for Halloween...look in your kids' books for inspiration...I'm going to be Emily Elizabeth from Clifford!!! She's blonde and wears hot pink and black striped socks!!! OK so if you see some (they have to be knee sox) pick them up for me and I'll pay you for them because I'm going to dress up at school and everything! She also has a pink shirt with a white collar and a black skirt! HOW CUTE! And I'll find a Clifford dog and carry him with me all day! How fun!!!!!! Can't wait!
Stay tuned for more pics, my mom took some GOOD ones!


Mommy of Two Wild Boys!!! said...

It looks like you had so much fun. The boys are sad:( We have Grae's gift and we are so EXCITED about seeing you guys at Ms. Kathy's tomorrow!

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

I'm telling you... I about had a heart attack when I saw MawMaw picking up Landon! Forget the chiropractor...she's gonna need a whole new back! Gheesh! He's as big as her!

So, I think that we should get together maybe next Friday, Aug. 8. Does that work? We can't do it this Friday because it is STILL SHARK WEEK, people. Clearly, we are all booked this Friday.

Sarah said...

This post was so funny and got very "Angie" at the end when it went from birthday re-cap to WHAT SHE WAS GOING TO WEAR FOR HALLOWEEN!!!
Friday, August 8th will be great for me.

pink is the new black said...

It WAS very me, huh? Can you tell how excited I am about being Emily Elizabeth? I have a multiple track mind...I'm constantly thinking about 3 or 500 different things...I swear...August 8th is good for me, I'm in.

Sarah Owen said...

I cannot believe the Owen family missed all the excitement. It is killing me that the girls are getting older without me there. I am so glad Grae had such a FABULOUS day! Her present is still on its way but did you get the other package??? I cant wait to see the other pictures. Give Manny a hug from us.

The Robertson Family said...

Yaaaaay! August 8 is great for me, too.

Angie -- you threw a great party! And I have been bragging to my Mom about your cake-decorating and bow-tying skills. Those are very Janet things, you know!

Also, I had no idea that "do what?" is a Texas thing. I say that all the time. All you teachers is starting to learn me that most of my vocabulary and pronunciations just ain't right.

And yes, the whole Halloween tangent is TOO funny. I didn't even notice until Sarah pointed it out because I felt like I was just chatting with Angie as I read her blog. It felt so natural.

Speaking of Halloween -- Tate's birthday is the week before and since it is my FAVORITE holiday, I plan to have a costume party. I'm trying to decide between Elvis or a whoopie cushion for Tate. I may also dress him like a FedEx box and me like a delivery person (I work for FedEx, so these things are easy to come by.) You think I'm kidding? The kid was an air freshener last year. Yes, you read right. He was a week old and I dressed him like one of those little trees that hang from your rearview mirror in the car. I have pictures on my old blog. I may have to do a little flashback on my current blog soon.

The Robertson Family said...

Here is a link to the air freshener costume picture. I probably won't put it on the new blog because I think it embarrasses my Mom. hehe.

The Robertson Family said...

Ah crap. The link didn't work in that comment above. It got cut off somehow. Oh well. Maybe I will post the pic again soon.

pink is the new black said...

I love the Halloween thing! I can't wait and will have my Emily Elizabeth costume ON baby! Maybe Graelyn can be Clifford!!! I'm sure Gwen will want to be a princess and that's ok...hey, I say Elvis because an Elvis baby would just make me pee my pants I would laugh so hard...thank you for the compliment on my cake/bow making abilities...WHAT a compliment to be compared to your awesome momma!!!

Sarah said...

Several things to say here:
Jeremy and I won a costume contest in college for me being a pile of leaves and him being a rake. Just sayin'...
Since then, I have always wanted to dress as a plate of spaghetti, Jeremy a fork, and Margaret a can of parmesan cheese. Every time I suggest this Jeremy says, "I have dressed as a picking up utensil for the last time. No more." UGH! If you do decide for Tate to go as Elvis...I have trimable sideburns (purchased...not grown on me, people!!).
Another thing...speaking of FedEx...I went as Wilson the volleyball and Jeremy went as CastAway Tom Hanks one year for an Oscar's night party. We carried a fake FedEx box around all night...I had a red handprint on my lipstick is hard to get off one's face.

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Okay, well, here's our idea for Halloween this year...

Aaron (not that you all have met him you can visualize this!)has always wanted a cowboy hat since we moved to Texas. I have always said NO...because I think that he would look just like "Woody" from "The Toy STory" (for is freaky). SOOO, on that note, I purchased a Buzz Lightyear costume for Landon last year. They only had one left and I'm really hoping it will fit him. Whatever, I will make it work. So, I think that I will have to be Jesse or something. NICE, eh?

So, Jenny--party at your house? I mean, since we all have our outfits planned and everything....

The Robertson Family said...

Yes! Costume party at my house! Oct. 26 is the plan. More details to come.