Monday, July 28, 2008

Is that you mommy?

OK, so this is a little self-indulgent but I was sitting here reading blogs and catching up and Gwen looks over (she was watching Cinderella on the VCR...yes, not on the monstrosity in the living room but our old fashioned but no less loved, tube TV in our bedroom) to the computer and says, "Is that you mommy?" and here's what she was looking at:
All I can say is the girl's got taste...both my daughter and Reese included in "the girl's" because let's face's true.


The Robertson Family said...

OMG -- i have always thought you looked like her! You must hear that a lot!

Sarah said...

HA!!! You should read who Margaret thinks I look like:

I'm a lucky mom!

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

You really do look like Reese.

The one person I get told that I look like? Dana Plato (back in the day...well, obviously, she's dead).


Sarah said...

What 'chu talkin' 'bout, Kim?! :c)
She died in a trailer in OKC. I hope you don't go the same way...